Dog House Block

I took a few months off from Quilt Block Mania- things just got a little crazy around here this fall with lots of travel. I’m committed to participating in 2022- mostly because it is so fun to see what people do with the blocks.

The theme for January 2022 is Pets. I am blessed to be a dog mama of two wonderful Irish Water Spaniels. Every once in a while they show up in my quilt photographs- they would be in every pic if they had their way!

I decided to make a doghouse for this month’s challenge. It is a paper pieced pattern and should go together easily for you. If you have never done Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) before, you should watch some tutorials. In the directions I include links to a couple that show you how to do it quickly. If you like more instruction you will find lots of tutorials on YouTube.

This photo to the left is the color scheme that we were asked to use for this month. I have found it interesting to use these different color schemes because they take me out of my comfort zone. Even if you don’t need to make a doghouse block, I challenge you to use some colors that you might not normally use in a project.

I had big plans of making this block and making a video of it but my son and his wife surprised us and showed up on Sunday. He is in the Army and is in the middle of a transfer so we are very excited to see our Army Sargeant. (We also have a Marine Sargeant son!) Sorry I didn’t get things done like I planned.

This block will be free until February 28, 2022

Chicken Quilt Block by Carolina Moore
First Snow by Inquiring Quilter
Clown Fish by Powered By Quilting
Bunny Buddies at Patti’s Patchwork
Cute Turtle by Appliques Quilts and More
Doghouse Quilt Block by Kaye Collins
Scottie Dog
Dog Bone by QuiltFabrication
Bird Feeder by Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
Birdie Block by Blue Bear Quilts
Fishies at Perkins Dry Goods
Parlor Panther Queen at Orange Blossom Quilt Design Studio
Perky Pig by Masterpiece Quilting


5 thoughts on “Dog House Block

  1. Love your doghouse block! Thank you for sharing it! But I’m only able to access the paper piecing templates. The download link for the instructions isn’t working for me, it just reopens the same page over and over again. IDK if it’s caused on my end or if the link just isn’t working properly? Please advise if you are able?
    Again, thank you so much! I love all of your patterns to be honest!

  2. love the dog house quilt mania block but I am only able to download the templates and not the instructions for it.

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