Longarm Services

Machine Quilting from Oh Kaye Quilting is a great way to turn your quilt top into a masterpiece. You will be able to choose any Edge to Edge or Border to Border quilting design that you feel would best compliment your quilt- at no additional charge!

Kaye won’t be accepting any more quilts in Utah until November 2022. E-mail her to be put on her schedule.

  • Read the Quilt Preparation and Pricing page.
  • Press your quilt top well- checking for holes in seams and thick intersections of seams.
  • Choose a backing that is at least 8″ wider and longer than your quilt top.
  • Find a quilting design you like. Check out edge to edge designs at Urban Elementz, Intelligent Quilting or Anne Bright Designs.
  • Complete the Longarm Quilting Request Form. (see buttons above)
  • Drop off your quilt to Kaye in a labeled bag with the Longarm Quilting Request form.
Kaye will complete your quilt with care.
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