Quilt Preparation and Pricing

The Quilt Top:

  • Make sure all seams are firmly sewn. Make sure you have no holes- the longarm needle may catch and tear your quilt.
  • Make sure all pins are removed.
  • Save embellishments for AFTER quilting. They may damage the longarm.
  • If you are using a Heat N Bond type product for applique, please understand that I will only be able to quilt through 2 layers of it, so plan accordingly. I am not willing to damage my machine.

The Backing:

  • Make sure the backing is 8″ wider and longer than the quilt top. This gives me 4″ on each side for wiggle room- which is important. But. . . bigger is not always better. I don’t need to wrangle a king size backing for a throw quilt.
  • If you have pieced your backing, please follow all the guidelines for the top.
  • PLEASE UNDERSTAND- I will do my best to line up the backing and the top according to your instructions, but there are no guarantees that the alignment will be perfect. In fact, I can almost guarantee it will NOT be perfect.

The Batting:

  • I carry 80/20 blend, 100% cotton and wool batting in my studio. It will be available at market price. If you want to use a different product, you will need to provide it.
  • Make sure the batting is 8″ wider and longer than the top.
  • Do NOT baste the layers. I will do that directly on the longarm.

Choosing a Quilting Design

This may be the most difficult part for you! Here are some ideas:

  • Choose a coordinating theme- volleyballs are a great choice for a t-shirt quilt for a volleyball player. There are designs available for every sport and activity.
  • If you have linear, straight line piecing a curvy quilting looks great. Straight line and geometric patterns are fun on curvy pieced tops.
  • If your quilt top is busy, a simpler pattern will enhance it. Quilts with a lot of open space can handle “busier” quilting patterns.

I am happy to buy a quilting pattern to use on your quilt if I don’t already own what you like. Make sure you are choosing an Edge to Edge (E2E) or Border to Border (B2B) design and that you let me know how to find the design when filling out the “Longarm Request” form. Some of my favorite sites for designs are:

  • Anne Bright Designs
  • Wasatch Quilting
  • Urban Elementz

Drop Off and Pick Up

Please fill out a “Longarm Request” by using the electronic form or the printable form BEFORE you drop off the quilt. Make sure your quilt is in a bag or tote with your name on it. Contact me by text at 801-310-9210 to set up a time for drop off. As soon as your quilt is finished, I will text you and we can arrange a time for pick up.


My minimum charge is $50.00 per quilt.

I charge $.02 per square inch for most Edge to Edge designs. Heavily quilted designs will be $.025 per square inch. Custom work is $.03-.05 based on the project. I will give you an estimate BEFORE starting the Custom project.

To estimate the cost of Edge to Edge computerized quilting:

Width of Quilt Top x Length of Quilt Top= Area x Price= Cost + Batting (if desired)

Extra Charges

Fixing Holes $5.00 per seam

Ironing $25 per hour

Fixing Holes $5.00 per seam

Adding leaders to “Too Small” Backings $10

Adding Binding to the FRONT of quilt $1.50 per linear foot. (I do not offer finished binding services.)

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