Quilts in the Parks

Kaye’s Round-Up Quilt at the Jacob Lake Historic Ranger Station.
There was a fire in the area in 2020 but the ranger station was saved. There are burned trees nearby.

Last month my husband did an amazing feat. . . he hiked the Grand Canyon with some of his friends from Rim to Rim to Rim. That means they started at the South Rim, hiked all the way through and up to the North Rim where I met them, fed them and allowed them some sleep in the RV before they hiked from the North Rim back through the canyon to the South Rim. That’s about 60 miles and a lot of elevation change. There will be another post later about my quilts connected to his hike.

While he was off gallivanting, the dogs and I were hanging out on the North Rim in a beautiful campground of Ponderosa pines. We took lots of walks and there was a cute little historic ranger’s station there at Jacob Lake. When Ed finally returned, we drove over to take a few photos of my quilts there and what did we find?

Meghan Morris quilting on the porch.

We found a Park Ranger quilting on the porch!

I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Let me introduce Meghan Morris. She works for the Forest Service and worked in the area all summer. When they opened the historic station this spring (it was closed for 2020) they discovered that some little critter had chewed a few holes in the quilt. She got permission (it’s a government agency, remember) to repair the quilt and had been working on it over the summer. When I met her she was finishing up; just in time because she was leaving and heading to a new post in a different part of Arizona.

We had a great time chatting for a few minutes while she stitched away. Some other visitors to the cabin must have thought they walked in on a quilting convention! It was pretty funny. . . the confused looks made my day. This goes to show. . . quilters are EVERYWHERE!

What are your thoughts?

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