Introducing: Iris Noitalay

Iris is just plain amazing. Her quilting is spectacular, she is always pleasant and she is a HARD worker! I have had the chance to work with Iris several times and I always breath a sigh of happiness when I see her name on the list!

Artist Statement

The challenge was to make a Black and White Quilt, with a pop of color My pop of color is the bright teal, which added so much to the overall look of the Quilt.

So “The Big Reel ”came about one laze afternoon, I was working on my original challenge, and before I knew it, it was done. Although I did like the pattern, there wasn’t enough negative space for me to play (free motion quilt) in. Since I had bought too much of the fabrics for the original quilt I decided to use the left overs for second quilt. And if you know me, I love to make my own patterns. And “The Big Reel” is one of my originals, I used the left over diamond strips laid them out on the floor, and created a new pattern.

It was quilted 90% free-motion (my most favorite way to quilt). The large white setting triangles where quilted with a design out of Pro Stitcher. Enjoy all the different shapes that were filled with Interesting free motion

Learn More About Iris

Iris’ quilt journey started in 1992 ,when Iris’ sister Astrid came to visit while Iris and her family were living in Northern California. She asked if Iris could make her a quilt since Iris had experience in sewing. Making this quilt led Iris to yearn for more, she was hooked. Iris’ experience includes everything from; working at a local quilt shop in North Carolina, to owning her own longarm machine and business, and her line of digital quilting designs.

Iris started out with a non-computerized longarm but switched to a HQ Fusion® with Pro-Stitcher® shortly after. From that point on Iris started creating her own designs such as pantographs and digitized designs, they are currently available at Quiltable. These designs are what led Iris to multiple awards from Judges choice to Blue ribbons in longarm quilting.

Iris’ earned a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design, became a certified instructor in a digitizing software. Learning all aspects of quilting has been quite the journey for Iris, yet the biggest reward is witness the overwhelming join in a quilt recipients eyes.

Iris enjoys teaching quilters with all levels of experience, she believes that quilting should be a fun experience. If you are interested in becoming a longarmer Iris is able to teach everything about quilting especially longarm quilting, everything from the basics on “how to get started” with long arm quilting to “ruler work” to her favorite quilting technique “free-motion quilting”.

In addition, Iris is bilingual and is able to teach classes in both English and German.

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