Introducing: Dee Maier

Dee is a LOT of fun but I don’t know how she gets any quilts done because she spends more time RVing than I do!!! She loves to travel and is an excellent quilter. You can tell from her quilt that she has a great sense of humor. She incorporated the movie theme from HQ Academy 2023 into her quilt.

Murder Mystery at the Cinema

I love murder mysteries as movies, television shows or books, so when the National Educators were
challenged to make a quilt for the 2023 Handi Quilter Academy whose theme was to be “Cinemacademy,” I immediately thought of the “who dunnits” I so enjoy. We were told we could use only black or grey and white, but could include a small amount of a third color, so, of course, I had to put some “blood” in the quilt. This is an original design, quilted with Sew Fine by Superior Threads and solid fabrics by Connecting

Dee Maier Murder Mystery at the Cinema

Learn About Dee

Dee Maier’s interest in needle arts was inspired by a loving grandmother and aunt when they introduced her to crochet at a young age. Dee began sewing as a tween and moved on to counted cross stitch, crewel, needlepoint and knitting as a young adult. After several years, she progressed into quilting and has never looked back!

Her experience with longarm quilting machines began almost 15 years ago, when she and a dear friend opened a quilt shop. After carefully examining all the machine options on the market, they settled on Handi Quilter because of the company’s dedication to quality, support and education.

Dee began a custom quilting business soon after, but also taught others how to use her longarm to finish their quilts beautifully. She has been the proud owner over the years of a HQ Sixteen®, a HQ Sweet Sixteen®, and now a HQ Avanté® and HQ Amara®, both with Pro-Stitcher®. Ruler work is also dear to her, because of the beautiful work that can be achieved with the many specialized rulers now available.

With a lifelong love of teaching others, Dee wants to inspire others to discover the beauty they can create and share with family, friends and those in need of the emotional comfort quilts provide.

Dee lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and loves traveling to meet old friends and make new ones while sharing a passion for quilting!

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