I have barely been off my own property since March 8 when we got home from our Quilting Cruise. (Just realizing I never blogged about that! Coming soon!) I have been to Church three times where I lead the music so I get to sit up front- away from people and among family, but that is it. It was VERY EXCITING to get to attend an actual EVENT yesterday.

As preparation for the event we were able to purchase a video course on Indigo Dyeing and Shibori folding techniques by Miranda Anderson. it was a easy-to-watch class and I learned a lot. Although I had dabbled in tie dye over the years, the process used for indigo dyeing is quite unique so I am glad I had watched the course.


We met at one of the guild member’s home and the guild provided two yards of fabric for us to dye. I had bought and prefolded five tea towels and another yard of fabric for the event because, yeah, that’s the type of person I am. If I’m not over-prepared I’m not happy. Some of the members brought shirts, dresses, and even white canvas sneakers to dye.

There was no formal instruction at the event. Most of the members had participated in Dye Day before, But I was a newbie. We did our best to wear masks and stay physically distanced. That was tough since it was about 100 degrees out but it was worth it to be with people who share our passion for quilting.

I was pleased with how my projects came out and it was so fun to see all the different creations. Some people were totally drawn to the colorful Procion dyes while others stuck to the indigo. I was so enamoured with the indigo that I have dye and more tea towels coming my way through my friends at Amazon.

If you live here in Utah, keep your eyes open for announcements because I am planning to teach an Indigo Class here at my home. Better yet, make sure you sign up for my NEWSLETTER so you don’t miss out.

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Free Patriotic Wallhanging Pattern

Every summer I decorate my home in the colors of Old Glory. I have always been a patriotic person but that feeling is heightened these days as I have two sons and a bonus son serving full time active duty in the military. Of course they are all in different branches, which makes conversations lively when they are all home (which is not very often.)

This is an easy pattern that uses a similar strip technique to that used in my new quilt pattern, Entwine. (Chick it out in the “Patterns” area.) A beginner could handle this project that employs raw edge applique and straight-line sewing.

If you decide to give this pattern a whirl, I hope that you will post your results online and use the hashtag #OKQpatrioticwallhanging. That way we can all enjoy your work.

Click the link below and the pattern will be e-mailed to you. Happy Quilting!

A Special Tee Shirt Quilt

This is definitely the time of year for making school tee shirt quilts. What a great way to remember all those high school activities. But this weekend I got to do a really special quilt. Mom had saved not only shirts from high school, but from junior high and elementary school. It was so fun to see the history and to be impressed by Mom’s foresight.

The 2020 Graduate is pictured here with her aunt and uncle. Her aunt pieced the quilt and I longarmed it with caps and tassels.

Because some of the prints on these tees were really thick, I wanted to use a fairly loose pattern for the quilting. It has a black furry backing with texture that is about 1/2″ long! I used “You Did It” from Intelligent Quilting. It stitched out well and pretty quickly.


I did it!

I have been longarming for about 18 months now, but I have been renting a machine at my favorite place. . . The Quilter’s Lodge. At the end of April there were such good deals on machines (and we can’t go on the trip we were planning due to the COVID crisis), I decided to pull the trigger and buy a HandiQuilter Forte with ProStitcher.

I love it! Why did I wait so looooong????

It has been set up for about two weeks and I have completed 6 quilt tops. Not bad considering I am taking an online class and had a new grandson arrive during this time.

I am using Omni thread that I can get locally at Rocky Mountain Electric Quilters. Haven’t had any tension issues at all- once I figured the system out. I wish there were some updated videos online since there isn’t much help to be had in the middle of a pandemic. Maybe I will make a few “Getting Started” videos to make things easier for other new owners.

I am loving ProStitcher and have had lots of fun buying patterns and indexing them with Quilt Pattern Indexer. I had a little glitch with the program, but it was most definitely my computer’s fault. It had a major struggle during a Microsoft update. It was not pretty when I woke up to the blue screen of death.

I’m really excited to be on this new journey. I absolutely love being able to get things completed on my own schedule and have already done my first “quilt for hire”. Big fun!!!