Make an Easy Pillowcase

Last Christmas my oldest granddaughter asked me to make her a “HoHo” quilt. By that she meant she wanted a Santa Quilt. Well, I didn’t feel like I could make her a Christmas Quilt without making one for my other two grands as well. I needed to make something quick and easy so I used some cute panels that I bought from Bits N Pieces in Pelham, NH.

Here are the girls with one of the quilts. I made two Santas for my little girls and a Snowman for my grandson.

They were pretty excited about getting Christmas quilts- and they did NOT care that there was no fancy piecing involved!!!

This year I wanted to make some pillowcases to coordinate with the quilts. I had some extra fabric for the cuffs and I always have solids, so I already had everything I needed. The best part? I already have an early Christmas gift ready for them that I know they are going to love!

Pillowcase 1

This is the basic version with no optional add-ons.

Pillowcase 2

I cut a strip 1 1/4″ wide, ironed it in half and put it IN BETWEEN the main pillowcase and the cuff in Step 2.

Pillowcase 3

I cut a 2″ strip and ironed it in half before putting it IN BETWEEN the main pillowcase and the cuff. I had PLANNED on stitching some ric rac on it before I put it in the sandwich, but I didn’t have the right color ric rac.

So. . . I sewed the pieces together, flipped it out, pressed it and used a decorative stitch from my sewing machine to dress it up. I love it!

It really is easy to make these pillowcases- and how fun would it be to make them for ALL the holidays? I think I might have to make some Halloween ones soon. . .

Need the instructions?

What are your thoughts?

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