Silverware Packets

Silverware Packets are a cute and easy way to free up your holiday table!

When I was a little girl, Christmas in July was a big deal. My great Aunt Marguerite hated to go shopping in the winter. Every July 4 we would have a big Christmas celebration with all her gifts. I absolutely loved it! She died in 1974 when I was 6 but I remember her well- and my grandmother and aunt continued the tradition into the 1980’s.

My great aunt Marguerite Martin. She taught kindergarten for 52 years!!!

I didn’t keep that tradition going with my children because after we moved to Utah there was no extended family. It would’ve been mom and dad doing another Christmas!

Now I look at Christmas in July a little differently. I am usually really busy in the fall and all my good intentions get sucked up by the events of the season. Christmas in July is my chance to do some crafting ahead of time.

I like that the packets add a pop of color- and they are easy to use and store.

This week I made some silverware packets that will dress up your holiday table. These would be great to do for any holiday and if your kids are helping you do dishes, they can just put the silverware right into the packs after washing.

I did this project using quilted fabric from my long arm, but there are tutorials out there if you are not interested in quilting your fabric. Just go do a search on Pinterest and you are sure to find something.

I didn’t really write instructions for this project because if you are a quilter this will be easy for you. If you are a new quilter this is a great project to practice putting bindings on! I do have a project sheet with some of the guidelines that I used and you can download it by pressing the button below.

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See the overview video!

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