On-Point Angel

On-point angel block
On-Point Angel block by OhKayeQuilting

It always happens on the days when I should be doing something else. Someone asks me to do something. . . or worse yet, I VOLUNTEER to do something when I really don’t have time. But. . . to be honest, it is doing these little crazy projects that make me happy and keep my design skills sharp.

Today some ladies were bemoaning the fact that a block they wanted to use had disappeared from the internet. It appeared to be a pieced angel block on point. As you know by now, I love on-point blocks, so I was immediately intrigued. I took a good look at the angel and then I started designing. My angel is NOT the same- not as intricate, but similar in feeling.

So, this is my Christmas gift to you. . . a free block that will make an elegant angel.

I think it would be awesome to blow this block up using BlockPoster.com so that it would make a wallhanging. But I don’t have time to do it this week. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “On-Point Angel

  1. I realize this pattern is 3 years old so that must be why I can not download. Any chance you will make this available again? I love it.

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