A Special Tee Shirt Quilt

This is definitely the time of year for making school tee shirt quilts. What a great way to remember all those high school activities. But this weekend I got to do a really special quilt. Mom had saved not only shirts from high school, but from junior high and elementary school. It was so fun to see the history and to be impressed by Mom’s foresight.

The 2020 Graduate is pictured here with her aunt and uncle. Her aunt pieced the quilt and I longarmed it with caps and tassels.

Because some of the prints on these tees were really thick, I wanted to use a fairly loose pattern for the quilting. It has a black furry backing with texture that is about 1/2″ long! I used “You Did It” from Intelligent Quilting. It stitched out well and pretty quickly.


What are your thoughts?