I did it!

I have been longarming for about 18 months now, but I have been renting a machine at my favorite place. . . The Quilter’s Lodge. At the end of April there were such good deals on machines (and we can’t go on the trip we were planning due to the COVID crisis), I decided to pull the trigger and buy a HandiQuilter Forte with ProStitcher.

I love it! Why did I wait so looooong????

It has been set up for about two weeks and I have completed 6 quilt tops. Not bad considering I am taking an online class and had a new grandson arrive during this time.

I am using Omni thread that I can get locally at Rocky Mountain Electric Quilters. Haven’t had any tension issues at all- once I figured the system out. I wish there were some updated videos online since there isn’t much help to be had in the middle of a pandemic. Maybe I will make a few “Getting Started” videos to make things easier for other new owners.

I am loving ProStitcher and have had lots of fun buying patterns and indexing them with Quilt Pattern Indexer. I had a little glitch with the program, but it was most definitely my computer’s fault. It had a major struggle during a Microsoft update. It was not pretty when I woke up to the blue screen of death.

I’m really excited to be on this new journey. I absolutely love being able to get things completed on my own schedule and have already done my first “quilt for hire”. Big fun!!!

What are your thoughts?

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