Choosing an Accuquilt Qube

This post is not going to try to convince you to buy an Accuquilt. But, if you have one or have decided to purchase one, this is some info about how to choose a Qube set. I have had an Accuquilt cutting system for about 18 months and I really enjoy it. I have problemsContinue reading “Choosing an Accuquilt Qube”

Straight Up Shamrock Block

I am home from my quilting cruise and I have SO much to tell, but today I want to share a FREE pattern for St. Patrick’s Day! With a last name like “Collins” and two Irish Water Spaniels in the house, we love this holiday. I wanted to figure out if I could make aContinue reading “Straight Up Shamrock Block”

Cutting the Meadowland with an Accuquilt

Anyone who knows me knows that I am just creative enough that I can’t follow instructions. Recipes? I always add something or put in a little more of this or that. So, knowing this about myself, I decided last month that I was going to do Then Came June’s Meadowland Quilt-A-Long 2.0. I bought theContinue reading “Cutting the Meadowland with an Accuquilt”