Hey Bootiful!

I saw this “make a skeleton” panel by My Mind’s Eye and I fell in love! What a fantastic idea!!! I had seen it in several shops where they followed the directions of sewing the panel to backing fabric with right sides together and then stuffing the parts and assembling it to form a 3D skeleton. They are adorable.

This cutie was posted by the Hartland Quilt Shop in Hartland, Michigan. Isn’t it cute???

BUT then I got to The Yardgoods Center in Waterville, Maine and saw something BRILLIANT! My friend Jan Frost had just quilted the panel and cut it out. DUH! It was awesome. When I saw it she had it safety pinned together. . . not sure how she is planning to finish the joints.

I quilted mine using a cobweb design from Intelligent Quilting and cut it out with one of Olfa’s Pinking Rotary Blades. OH MY GOODNESS. If you don’t have one of these YOU NEED ONE OF THESE!!! It was awesome and I saved my hand from the evil pinking shears. There is an affiliate link below. . .


I made the joints with buttons. There may have been a fair amount of discontent at that time because I really stink at hand sewing. It is amazing to me how many different mistakes I can make sewing a button. Stunning, really.

I made a YouTube video showing the process- it is about 5 minutes long. Go watch the video and don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel!

What are your thoughts?

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