Harry Potter Panel Quilt

Hogwarts Quilt by Kaye Collins

Every year at Handi Quilter Academy we have a theme. This year the theme was “CinemAcademy” and the whole experience was based on going to the movies. Each team of teachers is assigned a classroom to decorate and our team chose Harry Potter as our theme. We didn’t correlate our classes with the theme but we did decorate our room with all things supernatural.

Twilight Quilt by Kristina Whitney

One of the big draws in our class was a “Twilight” quilt by Kristina Whitney who did a bit of trapunto on the chest of one of the werewolves. It was quite spectacular to see everyone feeling the quilt to find the enhanced six pack! I’ll admit it- I ran away at vampire speed when I noticed the cameras coming out!!! What a riot!

This is a simple quilt: she used a length of the novelty fabric and surrounded it with three borders. It is quilted with an Edge to Edge design but I can’t remember what it was.

The quilt I made for the classroom was a cheat by my standards! I bought a panel on Amazon and put an Edge to Edge design on it using Anne Bright’s Wizard’s Wear design. I didn’t even add any borders because I thought it would detract from the panel rather than adding to it. I did put a pretty cool backing on the quilt using fabric from the Space Glow line by Lewis and Irene.

Find Anne Bright’s design HERE

Contact me if you are looking for the BACKING fabric. . . I have several yards available.

The panel is NOT cotton but that didn’t matter to me and it quilted up beautifully. It is polyester and comes in two sizes- a 70″ x 70″ and a 70″ x 90″. As we all know, prices on Amazon fluctuate but this item appears to be in the $19.99-$21.99 range so it is a great deal!

Find the panel HERE

This is an affiliate link. When you use the link I receive a small percentage of the sale.

Although it didn’t take too long to make this quilt, it really has a lot of impact. I used 80/20 batting in it and I put the binding on while it was on my longarm frame and then finished the binding with my domestic machine. You can get a sense of the scale of this quilt seeing Shauna Westergard and I sitting in front of it during class.

If you make a panel quilt, share your work so I can enjoy it!

Potter Academy Quilt Label
Glow-in-the-Dark Fabric on back of Harry Potter Quilt

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