Introducing: Leigh Zipf

I have not had the opportunity to meet Leigh yet, but judging from her quilt, I’m going to like her!

Artist’s Statement


Well, this turned out to be more challenging than I originally thought! How hard can a bunch of
rectangles be?

I had always wanted to make a Pac-man Quilt as it reminded me of summer days at the shore in
the arcade with my friends. When Pac-man came out we would hop on our bikes and meet at
the arcade and compete for highest scores till our quarters ran out! What fun.

Anyway, I spent some hours with a graph pad drawing all the lines in order to stay within the
size constraints. I cut out a portion of the quilt to test my sizing……..and found that the vertical
rows were not proportional. I scrapped the quilt annoyed with myself. I started on a different
pattern (from an old magazine) that I resized to fit a 40 x 40 square and hated it. It is sitting in
my unfinished pile. After a lot of going back and forth I realized the pac-man quilt only needed
a slight size adjustment to work out so back to the graph paper.

Testing out the circles I chose to crop and not applique, cropping is very persnickety and just
when you have it down pat it changes up on you. I am a pro at cropping now! The circles had
to be placed individually in order to line up within the maze. I used white stickers along the
rows so I could line up my crop.

The ghosts and Pac-man were made in Designer.
I left the white maze parts unquilted for a 3D look. Looking at the maze now it could use some
The fabric was Connecting Threads Nuances de Noir, Superior Threads So Fine and batting wool
and cotton.
I had a blast working on this quilt! Black and white fabric really show your piecing which I wish I
could go back and fix…………oh well next one.

Leigh Zipf
New Jersey

Leigh Zipf Shadow

Get to Know Leigh

I have always been a crafty DIY type of person who enjoys making things with my hands. My sewing journey began 26 years ago on industrial machines. I was the owner of a marine canvas shop where I created upholstery from canvas and vinyl for a variety of settings. This is where I fell in love with sewing and wanted to make things for my home and purchased a domestic machine. I made clothing and accessories before finding my love of piecing and creating quilts. Quilting on a domestic machine for most of that time I finally moved to a stationary HQ Sweet Sixteen® long arm and then
moved up to a HQ Forte® long arm with Pro Stitcher® Premium. I worked for a local sewing gallery for the past 4 years where I instructed new owners how to use their new machines and/or software. I also planned and taught many creative classes that focused on all the ways
to use their sewing machines, embroidery machines and embroidery software program.

I love teaching all types of classes and helping others to realize they too can “Make That”.

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