Introducing: Barb Tatera

Barb Tatera is probably the most amazing free-motion quilter that I know. She is artistic, creative and just downright AMAZING. Whenever we have a challenge I am excited to see Barb’s quilt because they are always groundbreaking. This one is no different as you will see. I often get to have breakfast with Barb when we are working a show- our clocks must be synced! She has given me some great advice on many topics in quilting and I always enjoy talking to her.

Artist’s Statement

In the Still of the Night

When I heard about the black and white challenge, I immediately thought about doing some form of a silhouette. I also wanted to try something outside of the box so I decided on a black whole cloth rather than piecing traditional blocks. The flowers were cut from wedding lace and appliqued onto the black background. I left myself plenty of negative space which I filled with the butterflies and feathers. As my “pop of color” I used Magnifico, a shiny trilobal polyester to fill the butterflies.

Get to Know Barb

Barb learned hand embroidery from her mother at a young age and started sewing on a sewing machine in home economics class while in middle school. She was introduced to quilting while living in Warsaw, Poland and continued to quilt as she moved to Paris, France and Geneva, Switzerland.

When she moved to Somers, New York, Barb joined the local quilt guild and began seeing longarm quilting machines at quilt shows. She decided to buy a HQ Fusion® in 2009 and immediately got lots of practice quilting charity quilts, serving on the guild board as chair of Charitable Activities.

An award winning quilter, Barb loves all kinds of quilting but particularly enjoys quilting in a modern and contemporary style. Rulers and a water soluble marker are her favorite go-to tools. She is passionate about helping new quilters develop the confidence to create quilts they can be proud of.

Barb also has a teaching background, with a degree in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction. When she is not quilting, Barb enjoys yoga and hiking. She lives in Scottsdale, AZ with her husband, and they have two adult daughters.

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