Introducing: Annette Look

Annette is a fun-sized ball of energy who just happens to be an amazing quilter. I got to know her last October when she audited my classes at an event in Nebraska and we hit it off immediately.


Elegant Churn Dash came to be with a challenge to all Handi Quilter Educators to make a Black and White Quilt with a splash of color.  I started looking for inspiration to address this challenge and came across an article of traditional quilts being transformed into more modern settings.  Since the Churn Dash is recognized as a very traditional block I felt adding heavy, elegant quilting would add a unique look to the challenge.   

The color pallet, black and white, was chosen for us, but the pop of turquoise was my choice.  It was a color that I thought would bring a bit of a surprise in comparison to the way the Churn Dash is usually presented. To keep the tradition of the pattern I used the turquoise to draw the eye to the center of each of the blocks, adding more interest.  

Heavy, flowing quilting was used to bring the blocks forward. Quiltable was my go to for most of the quilting designs used with my Handi Quilter Pro Stitcher.  I found the patterns worked well together, showcasing each block.   

Get to Know Annette

Annette began sewing when she was introduced to the joy of making garments while in High School. Knowing that she could use her skills to make clothing the way she wanted, developed the love of creating with fabric. After getting married and starting a family, Annette was invited to attend her first quilt piecing class, so the journey of quilting began.

In 2009 Annette purchased her first longarm machine, the HQ Sixteen®. It was the start of a special relationship with quilting. Annette discovering what could be done on a longarm machine by taking classes that helped her gather as much knowledge to expand her quilting ability. In 2018 the purchase of the HQ Amara® brought more exciting possibilities. It wasn’t long after when the ProStitcher® was added and her business, The Quilting “Look”, was born.

Annette loves to quilt for herself and family but finds great joy in the smiles she receives when putting the finishing touches of quilting for her customer’s. Although she enjoys quilting for others, her true passion is teaching. Sharing what she can with new and longtime quilters by hosting classes in person and virtually. Knowing that each quilter can always expand their knowledge and being able to help with that process has always been longtime goal.

Annette is someone that enjoys people, getting to know them and sharing common interests. She and her husband, Chet, live in North Central Kansas. They love to travel and experience new adventures.—

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