Add Your Binding- On Your Longarm!

A lot of people don’t realize that your quilt binding can be added to the quilt top while it is still on the frame. This is a game changer for me because it eliminates a lot of wrangling the quilt on my domestic machine which is great for my neck and shoulder muscles.

Less Pain = Happy Quilter!

Another bonus of using the longarm to sew your binding on is that I think it takes about half the time. The quilt on the video is 64″ x 64″ and I had the binding put on in about 14 minutes. And that was dealing with video concerns. So. . .

Less Time= Happy Quilter!

If you don’t have a longarm, I’ll bet that you could ask your longarmer to attach the binding for you. I know it is a service that is offered by many longarm professionals.

Tips for the best finish:

Make sure that your quilt edges are nice and flat and square. No wavy borders!

Use a square foot that allows you to line up the binding and edge of quilt with the clear foot. I use the Handi Quilter Square Foot in the 1/4″ size. It comes in a set with a 1/2″ size foot as well. These are available from your local Handi Quilter retailer.

When you trim your quilt be careful to not cut into the folded edge of the attached binding. I fold it back to get it out of the way.

Here’s the quilt that was in the video. It’s a new pattern that I will be releasing toward the end of the month and it is called Tri Again.

What are your thoughts?