Make a Quilt Block Apron

Kaye explains the nuts and bolts of putting together a quilt block apron.

I love being one of the designers for Quilt Block Mania, but I’m not always interested in making a quilt with all the blocks.  A few months ago I made a tutorial on how to make an easy pillow cover. PILLOW COVER TUTORIAL

This month I am sharing one of my favorite ideas for using a quilt block- an apron! And I even made a video to talk you through the process.

Apron made from an orphan quilt block.

I made this apron and it fits me well, but I am about a size 14 and I can get away with the 12″ width across my chest. I think it would also be fine if your chest was more ample, if ya know what I mean! If you are smaller, you might want to reduce the block size to 10″ or use a block that has white space on the outside so that you could trim it down a bit. Or you could use a few quilt blocks across the skirt part and just use fabric for the bib part. It’s up to you!

In addition to the quilt block, I used about 1 yard of main fabric and ¼ yard of a contrast fabric. I also used a piece of fusible fleece about 12” x 12”.

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What are your thoughts?

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