Tiny Mug Pin Cushions

Tiny mug pincushions are so cute!

There aren’t very many opportunities to be out and about these days, but last week I had the need and the opportunity to spend a few minutes at Hobby Lobby. It soothed my need to see pretty things to walk around the store and look at things that I don’t need. I was in the Spring Shop section (which seems wildly optimistic in the depths of January) when I found these darling little mugs. They retail for $2.99 but were on sale 40% off. I bought several because I immediately knew that I wanted to make some pin cushions with them.

There are all sorts of tutorials around to make mugs and teacups into pincushions, so I’m not going to recreate the wheel here. I knew that I wanted the top pieced, so I made a paper pieced pattern that I am happy to share with you.

I can whip up one of these items in about 15 minutes. . . but your results may vary! I am not all that concerned with the perfection of my hand stitching when I pull all the edges together on the underside! Just remember- Finished is better than perfect!

What are your thoughts?

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