Super Deal on Accuquilt!!!

If you have been thinking about getting an Accuquilt, today is your day! I absolutely love mine. . . but it is currently in Utah and I am in Maine so I have been using the old rotary cutter. This has set off my thumb issues and I have to ice my thumb several times a day. Anyway. . .

Avoid sore thumbs and tennis elbow with an Accuquilt!

I am a HUGE fan of the Accuquilt. You get perfectly cut pieces everytime and it even trims off the dog ears. Your quilting will INSTANTLY become more precise. I was surprised at what a difference it made in my piecing.

On sale today for $296.99!!!

Or get the electric Go Big! like I have for $444.00!!!!

These Amazon prices are cheaper than on the Accuquilt site.

(These are affiliate links. They do not cost you any more to use, but they do help my small home-based business.)

What are your thoughts?

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