Flying Geese- FIXED!!!

I am participating in Then Came June’s Meadowland Quilt Along 2020. It’s my first time doing a quilt along and I am failing miserably because it’s Day 5 I’m already finished Week 3. Oh well. I am cruising for two of the weeks. . .so I am just “catching up”, right?

I have always avoided making Flying Geese blocks. I had read enough to know that despite the fact it is considered a basic block, it can be tricky. I have an Accuquilt and I have used it to cut the triangles for the corners and that worked out OK, but for the Meadowland quilt you MUST use the “No Waste” method or you won’t have enough fabric.

I’ve watched a ton of videos and read some blogs, so I was ready. I thought.

I made the first four blocks and my Flying Geese were coming out too long and not tall enough. I would normally think that I had cut wrong, but since all the pieces were already cut, it didn’t matter. I had to find a fix.

And I did!

The solution is SIMPLE. It is all in how you lay the fabric out.

All you have to do is leave a squidge of space between the edge of the large square and the edge of the smaller square. For this size block, it seems to be about 1/8″. For smaller blocks I imagine the space might be a bit smaller. You are welcome. Go and give it a whirl.

What are your thoughts?

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