Introducing: Annette Look

Annette is a fun-sized ball of energy who just happens to be an amazing quilter. I got to know her last October when she audited my classes at an event in Nebraska and we hit it off immediately. ARTIST STATEMENT Elegant Churn Dash came to be with a challenge to all Handi Quilter Educators toContinue reading “Introducing: Annette Look”

Introducing: Waynna Kershner

Waynna is an accomplished teacher and quilter. I have appreciated how she reached out and mentored me when I was a new National Educator. She lives in Pennsylvania and has an active Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/vineyardquiltingPA/ Artist Statement The Handi Quilter National Educator challenge this year was to make a black and white quilt with aContinue reading “Introducing: Waynna Kershner”

Introducing: Harriet Carpanini

Harriet is an amazing quilter and a lovely person. On my first trip to Handi Quilter Headquarters I saw a quilt that took my breath away- Harriet had quilted it. I’ve been a fan since that day! Artist statement I love traditional quilts with a twist. I saw this pattern, Libby’s Log Cabin in aContinue reading “Introducing: Harriet Carpanini”