Introducing: Cynthia Gill

I met Cynthia in 2021 at HQ Academy when she was a student in my class- but she already knew everything we were teaching! She is a fun-loving, outgoing person and just the kind of person you like to have around. And. . . she is a wonderful quilter! Artist’s Statement The Handi Quilter NationalContinue reading “Introducing: Cynthia Gill”

Introducing: Patty Sliney

I have know Patty for a couple of years. She was a student at HQ Academy in 2021 and after a couple of hours i cozied up next to her and said, “Why are you here? You could be teaching this class?” She laughed and said that she liked being together with other quilters. WeContinue reading “Introducing: Patty Sliney”

Introducing: Leigh Zipf

I have not had the opportunity to meet Leigh yet, but judging from her quilt, I’m going to like her! Artist’s Statement SHADOW Well, this turned out to be more challenging than I originally thought! How hard can a bunch ofrectangles be? I had always wanted to make a Pac-man Quilt as it reminded meContinue reading “Introducing: Leigh Zipf”

Introducing: Jen Eskridge

Jen Eskridge is one of the main designers at Quiltable.com and she is an AMAZING quilter! She really knocked it out of the park on this challenge! We love that she loves to quilt with us!!! Jen is super accomplished and has a head full of good ideas. Make sure you read her bio below!Continue reading “Introducing: Jen Eskridge”