Introducing: Iris Noitalay

Iris is just plain amazing. Her quilting is spectacular, she is always pleasant and she is a HARD worker! I have had the chance to work with Iris several times and I always breath a sigh of happiness when I see her name on the list! Artist Statement The challenge was to make a BlackContinue reading “Introducing: Iris Noitalay”

Introducing: Karen Arnold

Karen and I became educators at the same time so we know each other really well. Karen is quiet in a group setting, but she and i can talk for hours. . . and we have!!! Artist’s Statement Splash “With the black and white theme for Academy 2023, I felt like it needed a moreContinue reading “Introducing: Karen Arnold”

Introducing: Cheryl Laine

Cheryl is one of Handi Quilter’s new National Educators. I have not had the chance to meet Cheryl yet. . . I can’t wait! Artist’s Statement Follow your Creative Compass!Designed, pieced, and quilted by Cheryl LaineWhen given the Black and White quilt challenge I thought Black and white and a hint of colour was aContinue reading “Introducing: Cheryl Laine”

Introducing: Kim Sandberg

Kim is one of those people who can spot potential in others- and I am glad she felt like I had something to offer Handi Quilter! Kim and I share lots of touchpoints. . . teaching junior high, Williston, North Dakota, and quilting! She loves to make curvy and intricate quilts. . . and sheContinue reading “Introducing: Kim Sandberg”