Extra Strong Quilter’s Moonshine

I’m going to be honest here. I am not the thriftiest quilter in the world. I am not into using tiny scraps or using bargain products that may or may not work. But I am a LOYAL QUILTER. When I find something I like, I stick with it. One of those things is Extra Strong Quilter’s Moonshine.

Liquid Starch, Cheap Vodka, and Distilled Water combine to make a great quilting spray.

I have been making ESQM for a few years and it is a staple on my ironing table. If I have to go through the misery of pressing/ironing something, I want the best result in the least amount of time. (There’s that Type A side coming out again!) I like the body that it gives my fabric and I think it makes my quilting more precise. You may like something less intense. . . and if that is the case you can just add some more distilled water.

Here is my recipe: It makes enough for two large spray bottles that you can get just about anywhere. It would make enough to fill several of the smaller bottles if you are looking for a guild gift or something like that.

Extra Strong Quilter’s Moonshine

5 Cups Cheap Vodka (buy what’s closest to the floor at the liquor store!) 4 C Distilled Water 1 C Liquid Starch

Mix it together in a pitcher and use a funnel to fill your bottles.

Buy labels and recipe cards.

I really enjoy the graphic arts side of things so I made a recipe card and labels. I like to have cute things in my sewing room and it makes for a nicer gift.

You can buy a label kit for $5. It comes with (2) Waterproof Labels and (3) Recipe Cards 9tuck one away for safe-keeping). These are only available from my online shop since I am supporting the Week-long Etsy Boycott.

Use the code SHIP FREE to avoid any shipping charges on this product in the United States!

Flowering Snowball Quilt Along

Accuquilt’s Flowering SNowball BOB

More than a year ago I bought Accuquilt’s Block on Board Flowering Snowball die. I had seen a Flowering Snowball at a guild meeting and instantly fell in love so I needed to buy the die. Then my life took a crazy shift last February when I became a National Educator for Handi Quilter and I was busy making samples and preparing curriculums. But that die sits in my studio and lately it has been calling my name louder and louder!

A couple of days ago I posted about the die as my #mustmake when I posted for the #igquiltfest2022 hosted by @amyscreativeside. One of my longarming friends, Patricia Fraser-Sliney @hoosierquilts, spotted it and reached out to me suggesting that we work on them simultaneously. I figured if there were two of us, there were more of us… so we are inviting you to join us.

You do NOT need to use the Accuquilt BOB! You are welcome to use any pattern or template! We are in no way affiliated with Accuquilt or with any fabric companies. We don’t have a pattern to sell or anything. We just really want to make this quilt!!!

I have created some FREE templates that you can print and use to make a Flowering Snowball Quilt. There are some other resources available at the end of the post.

Quilt by Jen Johnston Found on Flickr

That said, I think we can wrangle some prizes, but they are going to have to be surprises as we move along! There will be a GRAND PRIZE drawn from all the quilters who post a completed flowering snowball quilt top by June 12, 2022. More about that later!!!

We are planning to start on Monday, May 18, 2022. We ask you to do two things:

  1. Sign up to participate by going to http://www.ohkayequilting.com and click on the option to join the Quilt Along. This will allow us to contact you with Quilt Along updates!
  2. Post your progress each week on Instagram using the hashtag #FloweringSnowballQuiltAlong2022. It’s long, but you can do it!
Quilt by NiftyQuilts. Found on Flickr.

Here is our schedule:

Week 1- (4/18-4/24) Shopping! Social Media Post: Show us a photo of you shopping and tell us why you love this quilt pattern.

Week 2- (4/25-5/1) Fabric Choice Social Media Post: Show your fabrics!

Week 3- (5/2-5/8) Cutting Social Media Post: Let’s see your method- how are you cutting your pieces?

Week 4- (5/9-5/15) Sewing Social Media Post: Navigating the curves.

Week 5- (5/16-5/22) Sewing Social Media Post: Show your progress.

Week 6- (5/23-5/29) Sewing Social Media Post: Show your sewing space.

Week 7- (5/30-6/5) Sewing Social Media Post: Figuring out your layout.

Week 8- (6/5-6/12) Finish the Top Social Media Post: Show your top!

Quilt by The Rustic Frog. Found on Flickr.

Don’t forget to post photos of your finished quilt! Patty and I are both longarmers, so we want to see them!

Make a Flowering Snowball Quilt! Here are some other resources:

FREE PATTERN for 6″ Block- Flowering Snowball Tutorial by Bits of Everything

Video and Link to Pattern from Stitch Supply

12″ Die and Video from Accuquilt (This is what I will be using!)


Cake Anyone?

This month’s Quilt Block Mania theme is Tea Time. We were given this beautiful image and color scheme to design our blocks. I love that teacup with the coral poppy on it! I don’t enjoy tea but I sure do love cake, so I went with a Foundation Paper Pieced pattern on a cake on a stand. I do have several cake stands in my possession, but that is another story!

This block will be 12″ finished if you are a careful sewist. The pattern is perfect for those of you just beginning your FPP journey and if you need some help, there are lots of videos on YouTube to help you figure it out. I even have one!

I chose to make my “sample cake” in a different color scheme than the one assigned. . . but I wanted it to match my spring home decor.

This pattern will be FREE until May 31, 2022 and then it will be $2.99 in my shop and on my Etsy store. To get the pattern free, I do ask that you sign up for my once-a-month newsletter. You are welcome to unsubscribe if you don’t feel like it is useful to you, but =one of the features of the newsletter is a direct link to the download so there is no jumping through hoops to get my free patterns.

Tea Time Mug by Carolina Moore
Afternoon Tea by Inquiring Quilter
Not Your Grandma’s Cup of Tea
Stacked Tea Cups by Appliques Quilts and More
Tea Time by Manon Hunt
Muffin Quilt Block by Julia of Inflorescence
Teapot by Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
T is for Temperance by Scrapdash
You Can Brew It
French Macaron by Penny Spool Quilts
Tea Party at Perkins Dry Goods
Teatime Cakes by QuiltFabrication
Broken Sugar Bowl by Becca Fenstermaker
Cake Anyone? by Kaye Collins
Tea Time by Patchwork Breeze
3-Tiered Serving Tray by Nancy Scott of Masterpiece Quilting

Chubby Chicken Block

Oh Kaye Quilting’s Chubby Chicken Quilt Block3

This month’s Quilt Block Mania theme is birds. Someone had already signed up to do flamingos (drat!) so I had to settle for a chicken. Now. . . I think this Chubby Chicken is cute but my husband (who is normally very supportive of my quilting) thinks she looks kinda dumb. Too fat, no legs, blah, blah, blah! But I didn’t change a thing about her!

My students at Stitched With Obsession in Merrill, WI got to preview Chubs and they thought she was cute! Clearly, she is sitting down, which is why you can’t see her legs!

Oh Kaye Quilting’s Chubby Chicken Block as a mini quilt.

This is a regular patchwork pattern that makes a 12.5″ unfinished (12″ finished) quilt block. You need about a fat eighth of the main bird and background fabric and scraps of the other colors. All the cutting and construction directions are clearly stated in the pattern which is FREE until April 30, 2022. If you are looking for the pattern after that date it will be in the Shoppe here on my website or in my Etsy Shop.

I added some 3″ x 6″ flying geese blocks to the right of the chicken and then added a 2.5″ border to make this cute mini quilt. I used free designs from ProStitcher when I quilted the wing and the flying geese but the rest of the quilting is my own free-motion quilting with my Handi Quilter Forte. I used a basic black button for her eye and sewed it on with some popping pink thread!

Faux Hand Stitching Detail on binding.

One kind of neat detail I added was the stitches on the binding. I used my Babylock Sashiko sewing machine to sew long stitches onto the edge of the binding BEFORE I attached it to the back of the quilt. I topstitched the binding down with Superior Thread’s MonoPoly clear thread. I like the effect. Since I had two layers of batting in the mini, I used a 2.5″ binding.

Several other quilt designers have put together bird blocks for you this month, so check them all out. The links are below that will take you to their pages, but before you leave, make sure you download YOUR Chubby Chicken Pattern! The link is waaaaay down at the bottom!

Birds on a Wire by Carolina Moore
Signs of Spring by Inquiring Quilter
Cute Bird by Powered By Quilting
Flamboyance by Becca Fenstermaker
Migration by Patti’s Patchwork
Peacock Quilt Block by Appliques Quilts and More
Blue Bird by by Mom and Me Quilting Co.
Chubby Chicken Block by Kaye Collins
Hummingbird Quilt Block by Julia of Inflorescence
Flying in Formation by QuiltFabrication
Birds Circling by Nancy Myers
Lorikeets by Sue Griffiths
Fly Away Home by Scrapdash
Puffin Head by Penny Spool Quilts
Birds in the Air by Perkins Dry Goods
There is always one
Budgie on a Branch by Blue Bear Quilts