I have a new opportunity!

I am so excited to announce that I have the opportunity to be a National Educator for HandiQuilter. I just love quilting and I am thrilled to be able to travel the country teaching people to love longarming as much as I do.

There are four other new field educators:

Karen Arnold of Ohio

Fiona Egan of Texas- but soon, Connecticut

Jeannine Grabowska of Arizona and

Chris Davidson of Florida. Learn more about her at MemoriesinStitches.com

We had some great training this week and today Johnny Barfuss did a Facebook Live video while we were practicing some free-motion quilting in Handi Quilter’s beautiful education studio.


Make a Quilt Block Apron

Kaye explains the nuts and bolts of putting together a quilt block apron.

I love being one of the designers for Quilt Block Mania, but I’m not always interested in making a quilt with all the blocks.  A few months ago I made a tutorial on how to make an easy pillow cover. PILLOW COVER TUTORIAL

This month I am sharing one of my favorite ideas for using a quilt block- an apron! And I even made a video to talk you through the process.

Apron made from an orphan quilt block.

I made this apron and it fits me well, but I am about a size 14 and I can get away with the 12″ width across my chest. I think it would also be fine if your chest was more ample, if ya know what I mean! If you are smaller, you might want to reduce the block size to 10″ or use a block that has white space on the outside so that you could trim it down a bit. Or you could use a few quilt blocks across the skirt part and just use fabric for the bib part. It’s up to you!

In addition to the quilt block, I used about 1 yard of main fabric and ¼ yard of a contrast fabric. I also used a piece of fusible fleece about 12” x 12”.

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Happy Bloom Block

I love spring and I love flowers! I was happy to get this theme assignment for the Quilt Block Mania, but I went through several ideas before I finally settled on this pattern. I wanted something that was accessible to a confident beginner and could be traditionally pieced. I think this block is a winner!

If you just want a block, this is an easy pattern to make with scraps because the largest squares are just 3.5″. This block looks great with solids, but can be super cute with all sorts of prints and scrappy color choices.

I think it is fun for you to see the color palette that was assigned as part of the Quilt Block Mania. Our fearless leader Carolina Moore has been choosing palettes from https://www.design-seeds.com/ which is the brain child of Jessica Colaluca. I love the palettes and I appreciate that they all are based on six colors because that seems much more accessible to us as quilters than the palettes that have 30 colors. Isn’t this gorgeous????

If you feel like your quilting has gotten stale or you just want to try something new, I strongly recommend that you head over to DesignSeeds and pick a palette. You can use solids or prints, but the palette may send you in an unexpected direction that works out really well.

Anyway. . . I hope that when you are gathering up your QBM blocks that you aren’t only thinking about making a quilt. These blocks can be used for all sorts of projects. A few months ago I showed you how to make a pillow cover with a block and in my March newsletter I will be sharing a pattern for making an apron using a quilt block as the focal point.

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Orchid Quilt Block by Carolina Moore
Rose Garden by Slice of Pi Quilts
Happy Flowers by Carolyn Burgess
Double Flower by Devoted Quilter
Faux Flowers by Blockofthemodotcom
Mod Tulip
Enchanting Echinacea
Rosebud Wreath at Patti’s Patchwork
Flower Power – Cotton Street Commons
Dottie’s Garden by Heidi Pridemore
Poppies by Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
Pretty Posies at Perkins Dry Goods
Mittens Smells the Roses at Puppy Girl Designs
Wildflowers by Studio R Quilts
Sweetheart Rose by QuiltFabrication
Flower Patch at Orange Blossom Quilt Design Studio
Scattered Petals by Snowy Days Quilting
Scrappy Tulip by Katie Mae Quilts
Happy Bloom Block by Oh Kaye Quilting
Buzz along
Everything’s Coming Up Roses by Inquiring Quilter
Spring Posies by Blue Bear Quilts
Four Roses
Pieceful Crocus Focus
Improv Bloom by Love to Color My World
Sue’s Field of Flowers by The Quilted Diary

Lucky Shamrock Block

Welcome to Quilt Block Mania for February 2021! This month’s theme was “Lucky Charms”. I made a shamrock quilt last spring but the blocks were not the right size for Quilt Block Mania, so I did a little re-working and here is the updated pattern.

This is a simple pattern that I have designed as a foundation paper pieced pattern, but I think some of you could probably do an improv block that would look much the same.

This block is really versatile because as you turn it and possibly add some plain blocks the whole design can change. On the right is the quilt I made last year. My goal was to make an easy pieced quilt that was all straight lines. This pattern is available HERE.

This years pattern is a little bit more complex. It uses a Foundation Paper Pieced (FPP) leaf block pattern that you need to print and sew three for each block. There is also a stem block. I really like the change I made in the stem because it lends itself to some secondary patterns.

Here I have used 16 blocks (just like in the example above) and turned them inwards in groupings of four. I like the crosses that form- along with the wonky stars. It seems like it has a bit of a Celtic feeling to it.

I think that you will come up with many ways to use this block- maybe just a simple table runner would be lovely!

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Lucky Horseshoe by Carolina Moore
Lucky Squares at Slice of Pi Quilts
Lucky Spin by Carolyn Burgess
Charming Wreath Block by Blockofthemodotcom
Lucky Squares Improv at Love to Color My World
Luck and Sunshine
Luck o’ the Irish at Patti’s Patchwork
Simply Charmed by Cotton Street Commons
Hi My Name is Lucky by Heidi Pridemore
Swedish lucky horse by duck creek mountain quilting
Charmed Clover at Perkins Dry Goods
Charming Lucky by Puppy Girl Designs
Star Bright at Studio R Quilts
Lucky Charms by QuiltFabrication
Magically “Quilt”lious
Wishing Stars
Heart Shine 4th by Sara Flynn
Lucky Shamrock Block
Lucky Gnome
Feelin’ Lucky by Inquiring Quilter
Pastel Clover at Blue Bear Quilts
Daddy Hex by Pretty Piney Quilts
Pieced Lucky Hat
Sam’s Pot of Gold
Love and Luck by PhoebeMoon Designs
Maneki Neko by Capaquilts
The Butterfly Charm