Back to School- with a New Backpack!

There is nothing better than having a brand new backpack filled with freshly sharpened pencils and clean-paged notebooks to start school. I loved going to school so much that I became a teacher!

Back to School may look different this year but we need to encourage our youth to be excited about learning. Maybe they can even learn to sew their own backpack block!

For Quilt Block Mania I designed a paper-pieced backpack. Although it may seem difficult at first glance, it is totally doable. If you have never done any foundation paper piecing before, I encourage you to watch my video tutorial (at the end of the post) on the topic to get started. Although there are a couple of very small pieces- notably the zipper pulls, if you just take your time and go block by block, number by number, you will be surprised how easily this block comes together.

Getting Started. We were asked to use a certain colorway and this was the closest I could get from my “inventory”.
Sometimes, even when you are the designer, you cut off the wrong part and have to do a bit of picking.
Here are the blocks all sewed, trimmed and set out. I should have made the tag a different color from the background. Oh well- I got confused for a second!
HereI am with the completed block.

This quilt block pattern will be free until September 2, 2020 when the next block comes out. After that it will be $2.99.

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Speaker’s Star- Now Available!

This is a special quilt with a story and part of the proceeds from pattern sales go to a great cause. Check out the videos- don’t watch the second one if you can’t stand to see me cry!

About the pattern:

The story of the quilt. . . grab your tissues!

Buy the Speaker’s Star

Speaker’s Star comes in a printed version and a downloadable PDF version

There are instructions for 5 different sized quilts:
Baby, Throw, Twin, Queen, and King


25% of the proceeds from the sales of this pattern will benefit the
Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease Foundation.

Foundation Paper Piecing Tutorial

This is a super simple explanation of FPP. . . just in case you haven’t ever done it before. I apologize for the brightness of the light on my sewing machine, I love it- but it isn’t so great for filming. I am also new to video tutorials, so be gentle!

Here is a link to my VIDEO TUTORIAL


Click on the page below and print on your home computer to give FPP a try. If you can do a simple pattern, you can do whatever you want!


I have barely been off my own property since March 8 when we got home from our Quilting Cruise. (Just realizing I never blogged about that! Coming soon!) I have been to Church three times where I lead the music so I get to sit up front- away from people and among family, but that is it. It was VERY EXCITING to get to attend an actual EVENT yesterday.

As preparation for the event we were able to purchase a video course on Indigo Dyeing and Shibori folding techniques by Miranda Anderson. it was a easy-to-watch class and I learned a lot. Although I had dabbled in tie dye over the years, the process used for indigo dyeing is quite unique so I am glad I had watched the course.


We met at one of the guild member’s home and the guild provided two yards of fabric for us to dye. I had bought and prefolded five tea towels and another yard of fabric for the event because, yeah, that’s the type of person I am. If I’m not over-prepared I’m not happy. Some of the members brought shirts, dresses, and even white canvas sneakers to dye.

There was no formal instruction at the event. Most of the members had participated in Dye Day before, But I was a newbie. We did our best to wear masks and stay physically distanced. That was tough since it was about 100 degrees out but it was worth it to be with people who share our passion for quilting.

I was pleased with how my projects came out and it was so fun to see all the different creations. Some people were totally drawn to the colorful Procion dyes while others stuck to the indigo. I was so enamoured with the indigo that I have dye and more tea towels coming my way through my friends at Amazon.

If you live here in Utah, keep your eyes open for announcements because I am planning to teach an Indigo Class here at my home. Better yet, make sure you sign up for my NEWSLETTER so you don’t miss out.

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