Christmas Star Block

I had a totally different plan for this month’s Quilt Block Mania, but sometimes plans change. My first idea was a scrappy looking reverse applique star. . . and that may still show up one of these days. . . but I was putting together a quilt that needed an elongated “Christmas” star. I went on Etsy, sure that I could immediately purchase a pattern and whip it up, but as luck would have it, I couldn’t find anything that would match the fabric I was using.

I sat down with my laptop and Electric Quilt 8 thinking that the library of blocks in the program would have exactly what I wanted. But no. Now. . . there was something close, but when I tried to force it into rectangles instead of a square, things got wonky in a hurry! I finally figured out how to get something that would enhance the quilt I was making and I realized that if I was having this problem, it was possible that YOU were having the same problem.

This block is designed to be used as a tall rectangle, but with a couple of strips on the side like the yellow star on the left or with a larger strip on one side like the pink star above, you will have a really stunning square block. Measurements for both options are in the instructions.

Here is a photo of the quilt top that needed a star. I kept things simple because these panels that I cut apart and alternated are so stunning. The fabric is from the Silent Night line by the Henry Glass Fabric Company.

This pattern will be available FREE for the month of December 2020 and after that it will be available in my shoppe for $2.99.

To receive your free pattern, I do ask that you fill out a 5-second form with your name and address. In upcoming months you will receive my newsletter with a DIRECT LINK to any free patterns that are available for that month. No jumping through hoops in the future. I promise.

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I won a prize!

I won a prize in the Map the Stars Quilt a Long that is being hosted by Tori over at The Quilt Patch. The box came last week, but I have been too sick with COVID-19 to open it. Today was the day- I even took a shower and put on makeup! You get to see what I won and what my quilt top looks like. And what I look like after going down and up the stairs for the first time in over a week. Not good.

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Tower of Gifts Block

Welcome to

Quilt Block Mania

I don’t know about you, but I still get excited seeing a pile of gifts on Christmas morning- even if I bought and wrapped them all! There is something so fun about boxes and bags and ribbons and bows. When I knew that this month’s #QuiltBlockMania theme was “Winter Celebration,” it didn’t take me long to come up with my block.

This is a foundation paper pieced (FPP) block and it is PERFECT for beginners because there are only two pieces that are at a diagonal. If you have never done FPP before, I have a TUTORIAL available for you.

We all try to use the same colorway when we are designing our blocks to help you see how they could fit together. I really love this palette that was designed by Design Seeds. If you need some color inspiration, go scroll through the pages and pages of palettes. I promise you will find something you like. I think it is great that she limits her palettes to just 6 colors. That must be really hard, but it makes them so usable. The only color I had a hard time finding fabric-wise was the dark green- not sure why it was sold out EVERYWHERE, but after a couple weeks of looking I finally scored a yard that was just the right shade.

Although this works well as a Christmas block, it could be awesome for other holidays. I think a Hanukkah block with blues and silvery grays could be fun and I love the possibilities for making a birthday block. Let your imagination run wild! A couple weeks after I made my block, I realized I could add another block (or half a block) on the bottom to really up the fun. If you are interested in having the second block and finishing ideas, I added a link to my shop. There are also instructions and a pattern for using raw-edge applique in the wallhanging pattern.

The block will be $2.99 after December 1, 2020 and the wallhanging will be $6.99.

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Super Deal on Accuquilt!!!

If you have been thinking about getting an Accuquilt, today is your day! I absolutely love mine. . . but it is currently in Utah and I am in Maine so I have been using the old rotary cutter. This has set off my thumb issues and I have to ice my thumb several times a day. Anyway. . .

Avoid sore thumbs and tennis elbow with an Accuquilt!

I am a HUGE fan of the Accuquilt. You get perfectly cut pieces everytime and it even trims off the dog ears. Your quilting will INSTANTLY become more precise. I was surprised at what a difference it made in my piecing.

On sale today for $296.99!!!

Or get the electric Go Big! like I have for $444.00!!!!

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(These are affiliate links. They do not cost you any more to use, but they do help my small home-based business.)