Introducing: Nicholas Turcan

I got to meet Nicholas in January of 2022 and immediately liked how he asked questions and actually listened to the answers. He is very creative and we are all jealous of his hair. Learn More About Nick Nicholas Turcan is a multitalented and very creative individual. His journey into quilting began in 2012 withContinue reading “Introducing: Nicholas Turcan”

Introducing: Dee Maier

Dee is a LOT of fun but I don’t know how she gets any quilts done because she spends more time RVing than I do!!! She loves to travel and is an excellent quilter. You can tell from her quilt that she has a great sense of humor. She incorporated the movie theme from HQContinue reading “Introducing: Dee Maier”

Introducing: Iris Noitalay

Iris is just plain amazing. Her quilting is spectacular, she is always pleasant and she is a HARD worker! I have had the chance to work with Iris several times and I always breath a sigh of happiness when I see her name on the list! Artist Statement The challenge was to make a BlackContinue reading “Introducing: Iris Noitalay”

Introducing: Karen Arnold

Karen and I became educators at the same time so we know each other really well. Karen is quiet in a group setting, but she and i can talk for hours. . . and we have!!! Artist’s Statement Splash “With the black and white theme for Academy 2023, I felt like it needed a moreContinue reading “Introducing: Karen Arnold”