A Special Tee Shirt Quilt

This is definitely the time of year for making school tee shirt quilts. What a great way to remember all those high school activities. But this weekend I got to do a really special quilt. Mom had saved not only shirts from high school, but from junior high and elementary school. It was so funContinue reading “A Special Tee Shirt Quilt”

Review of Bonnie Christine’s Immersion 2020

In January I found out about a course that was being offered called “Immersion”. The purpose is to provide the education and resources needed to start someone on a path to being a Surface Pattern Designer. At the time I had no idea what SPD was. . . but I quickly figured it out. SurfaceContinue reading “Review of Bonnie Christine’s Immersion 2020”

Charity Auction!

It is a very sad thing that all quilt shows have been cancelled for this spring. I went to my very first quilt show last May (I know, crazy, huh) and was totally overwhelmed. I said then that I would never enter a quilt. Right after attending that quilt show and learning that there wereContinue reading “Charity Auction!”