Extra Strong Quilter’s Moonshine

I’m going to be honest here. I am not the thriftiest quilter in the world. I am not into using tiny scraps or using bargain products that may or may not work. But I am a LOYAL QUILTER. When I find something I like, I stick with it. One of those things is Extra Strong Quilter’s Moonshine.

Liquid Starch, Cheap Vodka, and Distilled Water combine to make a great quilting spray.

I have been making ESQM for a few years and it is a staple on my ironing table. If I have to go through the misery of pressing/ironing something, I want the best result in the least amount of time. (There’s that Type A side coming out again!) I like the body that it gives my fabric and I think it makes my quilting more precise. You may like something less intense. . . and if that is the case you can just add some more distilled water.

Here is my recipe: It makes enough for two large spray bottles that you can get just about anywhere. It would make enough to fill several of the smaller bottles if you are looking for a guild gift or something like that.

Extra Strong Quilter’s Moonshine

5 Cups Cheap Vodka (buy what’s closest to the floor at the liquor store!) 4 C Distilled Water 1 C Liquid Starch

Mix it together in a pitcher and use a funnel to fill your bottles.

Buy labels and recipe cards.

I really enjoy the graphic arts side of things so I made a recipe card and labels. I like to have cute things in my sewing room and it makes for a nicer gift.

You can buy a label kit for $5. It comes with (2) Waterproof Labels and (3) Recipe Cards 9tuck one away for safe-keeping). These are only available from my online shop since I am supporting the Week-long Etsy Boycott.

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What are your thoughts?